Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel began his career in France in 1988 starting out with small roles on television and in film. In 1995, he made his mark in Mathieu Kassovitz’s critically acclaimed film La Haine, where he played a troubled youth from the deprived outskirts of Paris. For his performance, Cassel received his first César Award nominations for Best Actor and Most Promising Newcomer. In 2013, Cassel has been starring in Dominik Moll’s The Monk, an 18th century-set story based on Matthew Lewis’ Gothic novel depicting the rise and tragic downfall of Capucin Ambrosio, a respected Spanish monk. As well, co-starring in Danny Boyle’s much anticipated art heist thriller, Trance, opposite James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson. In 2010, Cassel was seen in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which received a Best Picture Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, Critic’s Choice Award and Independent Spirit Awards nominations as well as Best Ensemble Cast-Screen Actors Guild nomination. Prior to Black Swan, Cassel starred in Jean-Francois Richet’s Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 and Mesrine : Killer Instinct. The two-part films tell the true story of Jacques Mesrine, who became France’s most notorious felon throughout the 1970’s. Arch-fiend to some and folk hero to others, Mesrine’s illegal career spanned nearly two decades of brazen bank robberies, prison breaks, and ingenious identity changes. Critically acclaimed worldwide, the film was a commercial success in France, garnering the country’s highest honor in film, ten César Award nominations and winning the awards for Best Actor and Best Director. For his performance, Cassel went on to receive Best Actor honors at the Lumiere Awards, the Etoile D’Or and the Tokyo International Film Festival. Following this breakthrough performance, Cassel appeared in over thirty-five films in both France and the United States. Notable film credits in France include Gilles Mimouni’s L’Appartement, Gaspar Noe’s Irréversible, Jan Kounen’s Dobermann, and Jacques Audiard’s Sur Mes Lèvres, for which he received his third César Award nomination. Cassel has appeared in various English-language films such as James Ivory’s Jefferson In Paris, Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth, Luc Besson’s The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Mathieu Kassovitz’s The Crimson Rivers, Christophe Gans’ The Brotherhood of the Wolf, Paul McGuigan’s The Reckoning, Andrew Adamson’s Shrek, Jan Kounen’s Renegade, Mikael Håfström’s Derailed, David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method. Cassel also co-starred in Stephen Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Twelve for which he later reprised the role in Ocean’s Thirteen.


Au cinéma le 13 décembre 2023 dans Les Trois Mousquetaires : Milady de Martin Bourboulon

A venir en 2024 dans

The Shrouds de David Cronenberg

The Opera ! de Davide Livermore

Saint-Ex de Pablo Agüero

Damaged de Terry McDonough

Fiasco de Igor Gotesman

Heart of Darkness de Rogerio Nunez


Les Trois Mousquetaires (2021 – Martin Bourboulon), Astérix & Obélix – L’Empire du Milieu (2021 – Guillaume Canet), Hors Normes (2019 – Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache), Underwater (2020 – William Eubank), L’Empereur de Paris (2017 – Jean François Richet), Le Monde est à toi (2018 – Romain Gavras), Fleuve Noir (2018 – Eric Zonca), Gauguin (2016 – Edouard Deluc), Juste la fin du monde (2016 – Xavier Dolan), Jason Bourne (2016 – Paul Greengrass), Mon Roi (2015 – Maiwenn), Le Petit Prince (2015 – Mark Osborne), Un Moment d’égarement (2015 – Jean-François Richet), Tales of Tales (2015 – Matteo Garronne), Circus (2015 – Carlos Diegues), Partisan (2014 – Ariel Kleiman), Child 44 ( 2014 – Daniel Espinosa), La Belle et la Bête (2014 – Christophe Gans), Trance (2013 – Danny Boyle), A Dangerous Method (2012 – David Cronenberg), Le Moine (2012 – Dominik Moll), Black Swan (2011 – Darren Aronofsky), Notre Jour Viendra (2010 – Romain Gavras), A Deriva (2010 – Heitor Dhalia), L’Instinct de Mort (2009 – Jean-François Richet), L’Ennemi Public n°1 (2008 – Jean-François Richet), Les Promesses de L’Ombre (2007 – David Cronenberg), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007 – Steven Soderbergh), Sheitan (2005 – Kim Shapiron), Ocean’s Twelve (2004 – Steven Soderbergh), Agents Secrets (2004 – Frederic Schoendoerffer), Blueberry (2002 – Jan Kounen), Irréversible (2002 – Gaspard Noé), Sur mes lèvres (2001 – Jacques Audiard), Le Pacte des loups (2001 – Christophe Gans), Les Rivières pourpres (2000 – Mathieu Kassovitz), Jeanne d’Arc (1999 – Luc Besson), Elizabeth (1998 – Shekhar Kappur), Le Plaisir et ses petits tracas (1997 – Nicolas Boukhrief), Dobermann (1997 – Jan Kounen), Embrasse-moi Pasqualino (1997 – Carmine Amoroso), L’Élevé (1996 – Olivier Schatsky), L’Appartement (1996 – Gilles Mimouni), La Haine (1995 – Mathieu Kassovitz), Jefferson à Paris (1994 – James Ivory), Métisse (1992 – Mathieu Kassovitz) …


Westworld – Saison 3 (2020 – OCS)


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